Furnace Repair – Ignition ignitor

The furnace was not putting out any hot air this morning.  As is now becoming the custom in our house when it is about cold temperatures  my wife and daughter noticed it first and I of course thought nothing was wrong and the temperature was rather nice. 🙂  A quick inspection showed that the house was

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Furnace Repairs and Pricing

Furnace Repair

Murphy’s law has an amazing way of finding its way into everyday life. Over the years, I have learned to expect this and not get too worried about these type of events as its just another problem to resolve. I like problem solving so I try to remember that its all good because

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Why do Electrolytic Capacitors Fail?

Electrolytic Capacitors

I wasn’t aware that it was quite as bad as a capacitor plague as wikipedia.org points out; but it really is that bad. The more I started looking at things that had failed around here, the more I began to see their point.  It was only the electrolytics that were failing.


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HP 1320 Laser Jet

Attempting Repair of the HP1320 Laser Jet

I am back at it today looking at an old laser printer that had failed in the local swim clubs office during a meet a few years back. I was hoping to find something small to repair but in the end it

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Repairing a LCD Monitor

I found a 10V 470 uF capacitor that measured about 438uF and the other one was a 16V 470uF 105C that measured 601uF when I eventually removed them from the circuit board.  I found identical replacements from an old motherboard and that was it.  The 30+ pictures from my smugmug site show and describe the repair during different phases of my repair.

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