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Registrar Domain Name Transfer

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Registrar Domain Name Transfer This use to be a very simple process but in recent years steps have been added to prevent numerous abuses.  Unfortunately, we now have a process… Read more »

Verifying your Hosting Connectivity

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Verifying your Hosting Companies Connectivity Recently I purchased a value VPS (virtual private server) from a company on the east coast. I won’t identify them because it doesn’t matter but… Read more »

Beating Domain Poachers at their Own Game

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Beating Domain Poachers at their Own Game Recently, I received an email from a 3rd party alerting me that they were going to auction off and a link where… Read more »

Windows 2003 NTBackup Scheduling

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Windows 2003 NTBackup Scheduling Anomalies I admit that I don’t spend much time with microsoft windows computers but today I found myself helping a small business with their backup strategy and… Read more »

WordPress Tricks

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Its a Bug! I admit it, I have no idea how to use this blogging software. I constantly bug my wife and declare that I am just a few more… Read more »