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MDRAID Common Commands

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MDRAID Common Commands Creating an array Then you need to create a configuration file mdadm.conf And write the changes to the boot image: Work with array Mark a disk as… Read more »

zmblobchk and unexpected blob error messages

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What to do if you receive an unexpected blob after performing a zmbobchk check? This means that the message with id 58276 has no corresponding mysql entry with meta data…. Read more »

Key Size in Crytpography

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Key Size in Cryptography Simplified Cryptography Primer In asymmetric or public-key encryption there are two main parts: Encryption Algorithm (RSA, ECC, …) Cryptographic key pair The two keys of the… Read more »

Crypto Jargon

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Crypto Jargon Hash Functions A hash function is a completely public algorithm (no key in that) which mashes bit together in a way which is truly infeasible to untangle: anybody… Read more »

Security Pages that Count

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Security Pages that Count With so many sites that offer helpful security information, this is my start of the must read sites. Latest Reports ThreatPost – latest news of exploits… Read more »

Web Browser Security for the Layman

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We hear that the connection between our browser and a website like is encrypted when we use https but how does that actually work? Learn about certificates and encryption in easy to understand terms.