Furnace Repairs and Pricing

Furnace Repair

Murphy’s law has an amazing way of finding its way into everyday life. Over the years, I have learned to expect this and not get too worried about these type of events as its just another problem to resolve. I like problem solving so I try to remember that its all good because

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Why do Electrolytic Capacitors Fail?

Electrolytic Capacitors

I wasn’t aware that it was quite as bad as a capacitor plague as wikipedia.org points out; but it really is that bad. The more I started looking at things that had failed around here, the more I began to see their point. ┬áIt was only the electrolytics that were failing.


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HP 1320 Laser Jet

Attempting Repair of the HP1320 Laser Jet

I am back at it today looking at an old laser printer that had failed in the local swim clubs office during a meet a few years back. I was hoping to find something small to repair but in the end it

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