Beating Domain Poachers at their Own Game

Beating Domain Poachers at their Own Game

Recently, I received an email from a 3rd party alerting me that they were going to auction off and a link where I should click to bid on this link.  I did a whois lookup and found that the domain had 2 days left in its 60

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Not All Domain Registrar’s are the Same

Just say no to Cheap Registrars

Until recently I have had very little experience with some of the “so called” cheap registrars.  I say “so called” because they in fact are almost never the cheapest solution.  If you want inexpensive then places like 1&1 Internet Inc. tend to be closer to ICANN cost when it

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HP 1320 Laser Jet

Attempting Repair of the HP1320 Laser Jet

I am back at it today looking at an old laser printer that had failed in the local swim clubs office during a meet a few years back. I was hoping to find something small to repair but in the end it

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Repairing a LCD Monitor

I found a 10V 470 uF capacitor that measured about 438uF and the other one was a 16V 470uF 105C that measured 601uF when I eventually removed them from the circuit board.  I found identical replacements from an old motherboard and that was it.  The 30+ pictures from my smugmug site show and describe the repair during different phases of my repair.

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Domain Registration Frustration

Who has Ownership Anyway?

This Sunday morning a call comes in at 8:30am telling us that the local swim clubs domain doesn’t appear to be working.  If that is true then it could not come at a worse time. The club was awarded the Speedo 2011 Senior Provinicials Swim Meet and coaches, officials and parents

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