Domain Name Service

DNS – Domain Name Service

DNS makes the internet work.  You use it every day when you type and find yourself on the google website.  It takes the name you type and returns the ip address.  Without that ip address, it would be like using the telephone without a telephone number. You would get

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WordPress Tricks

Its a Bug!

I admit it, I have no idea how to use this blogging software. I constantly bug my wife and declare that I am just a few more bugs away from going 1995 on her and bringing up vi and static pages.  🙂   So here is where I am going to keep

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Domain Registration Frustration

Who has Ownership Anyway?

This Sunday morning a call comes in at 8:30am telling us that the local swim clubs domain doesn’t appear to be working.  If that is true then it could not come at a worse time. The club was awarded the Speedo 2011 Senior Provinicials Swim Meet and coaches, officials and parents

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Reverse Proxy Pain

Mod_proxy, Mod_cache, and Mod_proxy_html can’t save this site.

Recently, I was experimenting with mod_cache, mod_proxy, and mod_proxy_html in a reverse proxy configuration.  A friend had a site and was interesting in breaking off pieces for his own maintenance and this seemed like another great reason to use these modules and show how one can stitch

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Reliable Hosting for the Frugal

Web Hosting the Traditional Way (1993-2006)

I don’t know about you but my first web hosting was done at my house in 1993 with a private T1 to that location.  I quickly learned that this wasn’t going to work the first time I was away as I had to do a rebuild of a disk

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Migration of Domains within

You have some domains registered under one account and you are moving to another 1and1 server.  In the process you will eventually decommission the server they are assigned to.  How would you do it?  Currently there is not a direct method that 1and1 has that would simply move and update these domains to that new server.  We are not talking about anything on the servers themselves but housekeeping information that is in their administrative control panel. When you move any domain internally  they will reset the DNS server delegation to their own  1and1 servers.  I have never used 1and1 servers for any of my name servers (dns) so this is especially annoying because I transferred them into 1and1 with the delegation intact. Why do they re-delegate my domains to their dns servers?

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