eBooks for Profit and Fun

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A friend sent me this link which is very impressive.  This author has sold almost a million eBooks and all at a reasonable cost of a few dollars.  If the name of the game is to have your stuff read then this might be an excellent way to make that happen. There is a certain level of comfort knowing that the eBooks stores are actively attempting to promote your work compared to a free blog where it is a little more difficult to compete against the mass of information.  Not saying that it is always going to be this way but there is an opportunity for the next few years as eBooks is tried and played with by consumers buying into the Amazon kindles and apple ipad’s.  If it goes big like music and apps then this is just another logical method of deriving revenue for time spent researching and writing. With the introduction of the ipad 2, Steve Jobs said their customers had download over 100M eBooks in the first year of the ipad. That market size has my attention.