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Challenges with Super Micro H8SSL-R10

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Challenges with Super Micro H8SSL-R10 This week I found a little time to do some preventive maintenance on one of my servers.  It was configured as a software raid 5 with… Read more »

Windows 2003 NTBackup Scheduling

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Windows 2003 NTBackup Scheduling Anomalies I admit that I don’t spend much time with microsoft windows computers but today I found myself helping a small business with their backup strategy and… Read more »

Time for IPv6 Already

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IPv6 is Ready Now Recently, I had the opportunity to watch and listen to Mike Warfield’s talk on IPv6. He obviously has loads of practical experience with it and made… Read more »

Windows XP Challenges

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When Windows SP3 Lets us Down Recently our little acer netbook running windows XP SP3 in only a 8GB static disk drive broke and wouldn’t allow us to perform updates…. Read more »