Crypto Jargon

Crypto Jargon Hash Functions

A hash function is a completely public algorithm (no key in that) which mashes bit together in a way which is truly infeasible to untangle: anybody can run the hash function on any data, but finding the data back from the hash output appears to be much beyond our wit. The

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Security Pages that Count

Security Pages that Count

With so many sites that offer helpful security information, this is my start of the must read sites.

Latest Reports ThreatPost – latest news of exploits HackerNews Browsers How they Work Browser Security Handbook Best Practices SSL Deployment Guide SSL Problems Survey of the SSL Implementation of the Most Popular Web

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Web Browser Security for the Layman

We hear that the connection between our browser and a website like is encrypted when we use https but how does that actually work? Learn about certificates and encryption in easy to understand terms.

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Building vs Buying a Dropbox Solution

Building vs Buying a Dropbox Solution

Privacy, Security, Control, and Easy are trade offs we need to make on deciding our best solution.  Recently, I found this option in cloud hosting from a NANOG  thread. After installation and observing the speed, I was more impressed and wanted to know more and found this video of

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Self-Signed Certificates can be Useful

Self Signed Certificates another Layer

There is a lot of Internet press from companies and experts alike that self-signed certificates have to go away. It is a little unfair because they do have their place and if used within these limitations might even increase your security for certain edge cases. A few things to remember

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Zimbra 32 to 64 bit migration version 2

Migrating Zimbra 7.2 32bit to 64bit on centos 6.5

I did this procedure before and I had a longer outage than I wanted. This time, we are doing it without taking down the old server with a very slight outage for just a few minutes.  I also use front end non zimbra MX mail servers

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Spoofing GSM Cell Base Stations

Researcher Chris Paget pulled off a stunt at the Defcon security conference Saturday that required as much legal maneuvering as technical wizardry: eavesdropping on the cell phone calls of AT&T subscribers in front of thousands of admiring hackers.

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Registrar Domain Name Transfer

Registrar Domain Name Transfer

This use to be a very simple process but in recent years steps have been added to prevent numerous abuses.  Unfortunately, we now have a process where registrar’s intentionally hold up legitimate transfers which is the point of this short note.

Recently I received an email from one of my current

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DEFCON 17 – SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection Attacks

I don’t know about you but part of my education has always been to study code and learn the latest attack techniques.  I enjoy reading code and have been doing this for longer than I can remember.  Much of this code can be found with a google search or on some of

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Google I/O 2013

Take Away from Google I/O 2013

One of the problems with being too close to something is that you tend to be early on adoption.  I would  like to think with maturity and  wisdom comes patience to wait before jumping in.  After watching last year’s google i/o keynote, I immediately pre-ordered a 16GB nexus 7

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