Spoofing GSM Cell Base Stations

Researcher Chris Paget pulled off a stunt at the Defcon security conference Saturday that required as much legal maneuvering as technical wizardry: eavesdropping on the cell phone calls of AT&T subscribers in front of thousands of admiring hackers.

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Registrar Domain Name Transfer

Registrar Domain Name Transfer

This use to be a very simple process but in recent years steps have been added to prevent numerous abuses.  Unfortunately, we now have a process where registrar’s intentionally hold up legitimate transfers which is the point of this short note.

Recently I received an email from one of my current

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DEFCON 17 – SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection Attacks

I don’t know about you but part of my education has always been to study code and learn the latest attack techniques.  I enjoy reading code and have been doing this for longer than I can remember.  Much of this code can be found with a google search or on some of

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Google I/O 2013

Take Away from Google I/O 2013

One of the problems with being too close to something is that you tend to be early on adoption.  I would  like to think with maturity and  wisdom comes patience to wait before jumping in.  After watching last year’s google i/o keynote, I immediately pre-ordered a 16GB nexus 7

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Miele Quality Issue

Miele might have a quality issue with their bearing plates used on their brush roller found in the SEB 217 and SEB 213 Power head. I hope this isn’t the case for others but in case you have found this site as a result of a failed brush roller. I am sharing what I learned

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Furnace Repair – Ignition ignitor

The furnace was not putting out any hot air this morning.  As is now becoming the custom in our house when it is about cold temperatures  my wife and daughter noticed it first and I of course thought nothing was wrong and the temperature was rather nice. 🙂  A quick inspection showed that the house was

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Protected: Victoria and Saanich BC

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Zimbra 32 to 64 bit migration


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Verifying your Hosting Connectivity

Verifying your Hosting Companies Connectivity

Recently I purchased a value VPS (virtual private server) from a company on the east coast. I won’t identify them because it doesn’t matter but I was interested in them because they were using vmware products and a value VPS in this configuration is rare.  Before signing up, I called and

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Failing Disk or Failed Disk Woes

Failing Disks on a Dell Laptop

A friend was telling me the story of how her laptop (Dell Studio Laptop 1737) had failed and that she had taken it to a local computer store in Medicine Hat.  I quizzed her and it began to sound like a hard disk failure.  She said they

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