Self-Signed Certificates can be Useful

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Self Signed Certificates another Layer There is a lot of Internet press from companies and experts alike that self-signed certificates have to go away. It is a little unfair because… Read more »

Zimbra 32 to 64 bit migration version 2

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Migrating Zimbra 7.2 32bit to 64bit on centos 6.5 I did this procedure before and I had a longer outage than I wanted. This time, we are doing it without… Read more »

Spoofing GSM Cell Base Stations

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Researcher Chris Paget pulled off a stunt at the Defcon security conference Saturday that required as much legal maneuvering as technical wizardry: eavesdropping on the cell phone calls of AT&T subscribers in front of thousands of admiring hackers.

Registrar Domain Name Transfer

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Registrar Domain Name Transfer This use to be a very simple process but in recent years steps have been added to prevent numerous abuses.  Unfortunately, we now have a process… Read more »

DEFCON 17 – SQL Injection Attacks

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SQL Injection Attacks I don’t know about you but part of my education has always been to study code and learn the latest attack techniques.  I enjoy reading code and… Read more »

Google I/O 2013

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Take Away from Google I/O 2013 One of the problems with being too close to something is that you tend to be early on adoption.  I would  like to think… Read more »

Miele Quality Issue

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Miele might have a quality issue with their bearing plates used on their brush roller found in the SEB 217 and SEB 213 Power head. I hope this isn’t the… Read more »

Furnace Repair – Ignition ignitor

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The furnace was not putting out any hot air this morning.  As is now becoming the custom in our house when it is about cold temperatures  my wife and daughter noticed… Read more »