Challenges with Super Micro H8SSL-R10

Challenges with Super Micro H8SSL-R10

This week I found a little time to do some preventive maintenance on one of my servers.  It was configured as a software raid 5 with 4 disks running Centos 5.  It has worked flawlessly with the exception of a failed 250GB drive last month which was my warning

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Fixing your Garage Door

When Bad Things Happen to a Good Garage Door

I hate to admit this but I drove into my garage door last month and this article is about the repair of said door.  The worst thing about doing this is that you struggle to figure out how in the world this could happen and how

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Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

I hadn’t given this much thought recently but a post on the NANOG mailing list had a question from someone attempting to deploy a GSLB as a solution.  I had played with doing this briefly in 1999 and wasn’t very impressed with the concept at the time.  My reasons were

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Windows 2003 NTBackup Scheduling

Windows 2003 NTBackup Scheduling Anomalies

I admit that I don’t spend much time with microsoft windows computers but today I found myself helping a small business with their backup strategy and I am not amused. They had hired a consulting firm to build, install, and configure a file server for their office network.  It appears to

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Fake sites from Google Results Again

Your Computer is Not Infected

This is starting to get tedious. These companies trying to sell you their fake windows repair software by spoofing a message on your computer screen. The tactic is to scare you into loading their software which then infects your computer and requires you to pay a ransom to have it

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Raid 5 Distress and File Server Woes

Raid 5 Distress and File Server Woes

Today I thought it was time to do a little preventive maintenance. About twice a year I strive to take the home/office computers outside and with my compressor blow all the dust out of the fans, power supply and case. It is something I have done for over

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Business Ideas that People don’t Know they Need

Business Ideas that People don’t Know they Need

A good businessman once said to me that you don’t create a product unless there is a need for it.  How many times have you thought about this great product and when you are telling someone else they looked at you like you were crazy.  Well I

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eBooks for Profit and Fun

Get your eBooks here!

A friend sent me this link which is very impressive.  This author has sold almost a million eBooks and all at a reasonable cost of a few dollars.  If the name of the game is to have your stuff read then this might be an excellent way to make that happen.

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Furnace Repairs and Pricing

Furnace Repair

Murphy’s law has an amazing way of finding its way into everyday life. Over the years, I have learned to expect this and not get too worried about these type of events as its just another problem to resolve. I like problem solving so I try to remember that its all good because

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Linux Software Raid

Fedora 12 Software Raid

I have my desktop configured with 4 1TB disk drives. The boot is a raid 1 under md0 and everything else is md1 and is a raid 5. Here is the layout:

# cat /proc/mdstat Personalities : [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] md1 : active raid5 sda2[0] sdd1[3] sdc1[2] sdb1[1] 2893415808 blocks

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